Independent Vehicle Inspection

Independent Vehicle Inspection

Our vehicle assessors and engineers have many years of experience in the vehicle inspection industry.

Our policy of “right first time” has assisted us in our progress to be one of the most efficient and dedicated teams of engineers in the country. We can cover all of the United Kingdom. All types of vehicles are able to be inspected due to the experience and knowledge of our team. Our systems are uncomplicated and we use data from recognised bodies.

Our experience with body shops, insurance and management companies ensure that all cases are dealt with in a quick and professional manner to guarantee a smooth claims process for all parties involved.

Salvage Disposal

This is carried out using the strict DVLA regulations and the ABI Code of Practice for the disposal of motor vehicle salvage.

Post Repair Inspections

These inspections are to check that the correct repair procedures have been carried out. This is on behalf of the Claimant/Owner and the payer.

Fleet Inspections

This service provides a total damage repair cost for your fleet. This will be an up-to-date and realistic view of your fleet and is invaluable to large fleets to ensure the vehicles stay in a clean condition. Keeping control of your vehicles' condition can eliminate high end of lease costs and also keep them looking good for your company profile.

End of Lease Inspection

When your vehicle comes to the end of its lease, the leasing company will carry out a full inspection and will attempt to charge for any damage or excessive wear. We can inspect and negotiate on your behalf to minimise any costs.

Total Loss Negotiation

We can deal direct with your client to agree settlement.