Full List of Services We Offer

Independent Vehicle Inspection

Our vehicle assessors and engineers have many years of experience in the vehicle Inspection industry.

Our policy of right first time has assisted us in our progress to be one of the most efficient and dedicated team of engineers in the country. We can cover all of the United Kingdom. All types of vehicles are able to be inspected due to the familiarity and knowledge with our team. Our systems are uncomplicated and we use data from recognised bodies.

Our experience with body shops, insurance and management companies ensure that all cases are dealt with in a quick a professional manner to guarantee a smooth claims process for all parties involved.

Other services we provide are:

Salvage disposal: This is carried out using the strict DVLA regulations and the ABi Code of Practice for the disposal of motor vehicle salvage.

Post Repair inspections: These inspections are to check that the correct repair procedures have been carried out. This is on behalf of the Claimant/Owner and the payer.

Total Loss Negotiation: We can deal direct with your client to agree settlement.

End of Lease Inspection: When your vehicle comes to the end the lease the leasing company will carry out a full inspection and will attempt to charge for any damage or excessive wear. We can inspect and negotiate on your behalf to minimise any costs.

Fleet inspections: This service provides and total damage repair cost for your fleet. This will be an up to date and realistic view of your fleet and is invaluable to large fleets to ensure the vehicles stay in a clean condition. By keeping control of your vehicles condition this can eliminate high end of lease costs and also keep them looking good for your company profile.

ARC Management Services

We now offer this service to all bodyshops. This service has proved successful since its launch in March 2008. It enables the managers and owners free time to ensure the day to day systems in their workshops run smoothly while all the time consuming tasks of dealing with insurance companies, assessors and invoice administration is taken care of by a professional company.

We can provide a complete estimating, negotiating, invoicing and payment chasing service for a minimal fee of the total repair. We will create estimates for insurance approval and agree if necessary then invoice once the repair is complete. All the garage has to do it pass the initial damage list and clients/Insurance details and we’ll inform you when authority has been received.

You then advise us of repair dates and we’ll invoice on completion of a signed satisfaction note.

It's that simple. We understand that each individual repair centre will require a different system that’s why we can adapt ours to suit yours.

Too many Accident Repair Centres do not know their full entitlement when dealing with insurance companies. By using our system, our experience and knowledge you can relax as this will pay for itself.

Contact us now for a free consultation and free your time to do your business.

Fleet Management (RTC)

Working along side our associates and building alliances We offer a comprehensive UK Fleet & Accident management service. This service is tailored to the client’s specific needs with dedicated handlers managing your fleet, leaving you to concentrate on the important parts or your business. All our associates have the latest technology available in vehicle repair and are constantly upgrading and providing training for all their staff to stay at the cutting edge of vehicle maintenance and repair.

Each client will have a dedicated 24hr hot line should any incident occur when urgent breakdown or accident assistance is required. Whether it be fault of non-fault we can arrange all repair and claims processes on your behalf and recover any losses to your company or your employees.

These are just some of the bespoke services available to any client wishing to use our specialist hassle free service

Commercial Liability Management (RTC)

We can address your claim and advise you of a probable outcome within hours of your initial contact with us.

We can negotiate on your behalf and settle claims promptly to ensure you minimise your costs. From the moment you are notified of the incident it is essential that action is taken to reduce the costs being sought by the non fault party. We can contact the other party to arrange settlement, vehicle repairs, vehicle hire and any other costs relevant to the incident claim. We have a network of UK Accident Investigators, Vehicle Assessors, Recovery Agents, Hire Companies, Vehicle Repairers.

Forensic Road Collisions Investigation

We can assist insurance companies, solicitors and the courts with Forensic Road Collisions Investigation.

This service includes:



  • Reconstruction reports
  • The checking of a third party reports
  • Statement taking
  • Accident scene visits (after the event) 
  • Photographs
  • Vehicle assessments

The courts consider us as expert witnesses when dealing with these types of cases and the service can be used for civil or criminal cases.

We also work closely with many other investigation teams, this allows us to cover a large area of the country. These services are available to all organisations.

Accident Investigation
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